Earn cash by pledging gold. Borrowers are not so burdened if they are unable to repay the financing because it has been pledged with gold.



Maximum Financing




Cash From The Value of Gold

Mortgage Period 6/12 Months


ar rahnu
  • HIGH financing margins
  • FREE jewelry washing service
  • Financing products based on Shariah guidelines
  • Free from the elements of riba 'and gharar
  • Fixed (unchanged) Profit Rate calculated based on the Financing Value
  • Security guarantee of takaful protection on mortgaged goods (Marhun)
  • CBP members
  • Non-CBP members (Malaysian Citizens and Permanent Residents)
  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Not declared as Bankrupt
  • The amount of financing offered is 80% of the Marhun Value (value of mortgaged goods).
  • Maximum Daily Financing Limit is RM300,000.00 and total accumulated financing is up to RM350,000.00 per customer.

The financing period is up to 18 months, and the profit rate must be paid by the customer for the first 12 months of maturity.

  • Solid and hollow gold jewellery from fineness of 750, 835, 875, 916, 950 and 999
  • Gold coins / gold wafers / gold pieces with a certificate of authentication


  • Wakalah Fees

    Fees charged to the Customer where it includes the cost of CBP appointment as a commodity trading agent, management costs and the cost of handling the printing of contracts and agreements

    Financing  Amount Wakalah Fees
    RM100.00 - RM999.00 0.20%
    RM1,000.00 - RM9,999.00 0.15%
    RM10,000.00 - RM24,999.00 0.10%
    RM25,000.00 - RM50,000.00 0.075%
  • Auction Management Charges

    If the financing is not settled according to the stipulated Financing Period, the Mortgage Goods will be auctioned according to the auction procedure and the Customer will be charged the Auction Management Charge at the actual incidental cost. This charge will be deducted from the auction proceeds

  • Stamp Duty Charges

    Charged to the Customer if the financing becomes default

  • CBP will inform the Customer at least Twenty One (21) calendar days before the implementation date (if applicable) if there are any changes in the relevant Fees and Charges.
  • Fees and Charges are subject to Sales and Service Tax (“SST”) of 6% (if applicable)