Pembiayaan Peribadi-i Profesional

Pembiayaan Peribadi-i Profesional is a personal financing using the shariah concept of Tawarruq. It provides a maximum limit of RM200,000.00 with a financing tenure of 10 years and a profit rate as low as 3.99% per annum.
Profit Rate %
  • Salary Deduction (*working with Shariah Compliant Companies only)
  • Standing Instruction
  • Cash
  • Digital Banking
Note: *For Customers who work with Shariah Non-Compliant Companies, Customers can opt for payment other than Salary Deduction
2 - 10 years:
3.99% (Fixed Rate)


  • Malaysian, Age 21 years old and above and not exceeding retirement age 65 years and the end of the financing, whichever is earlier
  • Working in Private Sectors as Professional such as Medical Doctor, Dentist, Veterinary, Accountant, Lecturer, Engineer, Architect,
    Pharmacist, Quantity Surveyor, Optician/Optometrist, Property Valuer, Geologist, Lawyer, Banker and other recognized professionals
  • Minimum income of RM4,000.00 per month.
Minimum: RM10,000.00 
Maksimum: RM200,000.00*
Nota : *subject to credit assessment 

Maximum 10 years or up to retirement age (whichever is earlier)

Guarantor / collateral is not required

Equivalent to two (2) months monthly instalment 


  • Photocopy of Identity Card
  • Two (2) copies of Applicant’s latest three (3) months payslip
  • Latest three (3) months bank statement of credited salary account
  • EPF Statement
  • Letter of Confirmation from employer
  • Valid certification / registration with the respective Certification Authority / Membership Registration Institution according to the professionals and/or other recognized bodies



Certification Authority /

Medical Doctor

Majlis Perubatan Malaysia / Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)


Majlis Pergigian Malaysia / Malaysian Dental Council (MDC)


Majlis Veterinar Malaysia / Malaysia Veterinary Council (MVC)


  • Institut Akauntan Malaysia / Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and/or
  • Sijil Profesional MICPA / ACCA / CIMA / CFA


Insitusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS) – berdaftar di bawah Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia / Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)


Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia / Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)


  • Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia / Board of Architects Malaysia; and/or
  • Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia / Malaysian Institute of Architects
  • Insititute of Landscape Architect Malaysia (ILAM)


Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia / Pharmacy Board Malaysia

Quantity Surveyor

Lembaga Juruukur Bahan Malaysia / Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM)

Optician/ Optometrist

Majlis Optik Malaysia / Malaysian Optical Council


Persatuan Aktuari Malaysia / Actuarial Society of Malaysia

Property Valuer

  • Lemaga Penilai, Pentaksir & Ejen Harta Tanah Malaysia (LPPEH) / The Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers; and/or
  • Persatuan Penilai, Pengurus Harta, Ejen Harta & Perunding Harta Swasta Malaysia / Association of Valuers, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Property Consultants in the Private Sector, Malaysia


Badan Peguam Malaysia / Malaysian Bar


Lembaga Ahli Geologi Malaysia / Board of Geologists Malaysia