Land Financing-i Ar-Rahah


Land Financing-i Ar-Rahah

Land Financing Ar – Rahah is a financing based on the concept of Tawarruq. The maximum and limit of the financing amount is up to RM10,000,000.00 


Land Financing-i Ar-Rahah



Financing Margin Up to 80%

Up to twenty (20) Years


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Pembiayaan Bercagaran Hartanah-i Ar-Rahah
Type Of Land
  • Grant Mukim First Grade
  • Land Type Building
  • Agricultural Land
  • Malay Reserve Ownership Land
Total Financing <RM 500,000.00 >RM 500,000.00
Margin Sebaran +3.00% +2.00%
Profit Rate (%) 6.75% 5.75%


ECOF semasa : 4.00 % (Starting 1 September 2023)

Ceiling Rate : 10% 

  • Malaysian
  • Employed / Self employed
  • Above 18 years old at the time of application and not more than 65 years old upon the expiry date of the financing period
  • Not bankrupt or have an AKPK record
  • Have a good track record in (CTOS & CCRIS) with the Bank or other financial institutions
  • 'Joint' application is allowed with the number of applicants not exceeding two (2) people. Such applicants must have close family ties
  • Biro Pemotongan Angkasa (BPA)
  • Salary Deduction by Employer (SD)
  • Standing Instruction (SI)
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC)
  • Cash
  • Total Financing Period = Maximum 20 years (240 months)
  • Subject to the age of the applicant which is not more than 65 years at the end of the financing period.
  • Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT) is mandatory
  • Takaful contribution based on age and amount of customer financing

Minimum RM 300.00 or 0.50% of the financing amount

First Grade District Grant 80%
Agricultural Land 70%
Malay Reserve 60%

There is no limit subject to salary / income deduction eligibility and Debt Ratio Rate (DSR) allowed

All costs are borne by the applicant or finance together with financing

  • Complete Financing Application Form
  • Copy of Applicant's Mykad
  • For Fixed Income Applicants
    1. Copy of Latest 3 Months Salary Slip and Employer's Confirmation Letter
    2. Last 3 months Savings Account / Bank Statement (salary credited)
    3. Copy of Form EA / Form BE / latest EPF Statement
  • For Non Fixed Income Applicants (Self employed/ professionals)
    1. Business Registration/Form 9, 24, 49, B&D/M&A
    2. Certified copy of Bank Statement / Individual Savings Account & Business Current Account Transactions for the latest 6 months
    3. Individual Current Account Statement for the latest 6 months
    4. Latest Form B and Tax Receipt
    5. Audited Financial Statements (Last 2 Years)
    6. License / Membership From a Recognized Professional Body in Malaysia that has been confirmed
  • Property Documents
    1. Copy of Sale and Purchase Agreement
    2. Copy of Offer Letter from the developer
    3. Copy grant