SalamBiz-i Account

SalamBiz-i Account 

Salambiz-i Account is a shariah-compliant current account that is open to all Malaysian citizens and/or permanent residents individual as well as non-individual customers.

SalamBiz-i Account 

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a)     Individual

  • Malaysian citizens and/or permanent resident
  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Not Insolvent / Bankrupt
  • Joints account are allowed

b)  Non-Individual

  • Companies (Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Sdn Bhd, Limited Liability Partnership, Small and Medium Enterprise)
  • Association
  • Club
  • Cooperative
  • Professional Body
  • Government Agency
  • Not subjected to any winding up order or court action

Note: Introducer is not required




  • Agree to SalamBiz-i Account Terms and Conditions (Click Here)

  • Minimum Deposit For Individual and Non-Individual Customers is RM100.

  • No passbook provided

  • No Introducer required.

Note: Minimum deposit will be waived if the purpose of opening the account is to withdraw financing

Types of Customers Documents
Individual Certificate of identity for Malaysian citizens and/or permanent residents

a) Club/ Associations / Cooperatives

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Meeting of Minutes
  • Copy of identification card of the authorised party 
  • Identification/ confirmation of position holders or any authorised party to represent the Club / Associations / Cooperatives

b) Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership / Small & Medium Enterprises

  • Registration of Business is verified by SSM
  • Operating permit
  • Partnership deed (optional)
  • Copy of the authorized party identity card

c) Private Company / Limited Public Company

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of incorporation (Form 9)
  • Latest return of share allocation (Form 24)
  • Latest statement giving details of the registered directors (Form 49)
  • Resolution of the Boards of Directors (Must contains authorisation to open account and include party authorized to operate the account)
  • Copy of the authorised party identity card




No Service Amount

Statement Copy Request       

(Each Request through CBP counter)

RM 30.00
2 IInactive Account
RM10 balance and below Account will be closed and the balance will be absorbed as charge
RM10 balance and above  RM10.00 will be deducted every year from account balance
3 Account Closure
Account open less than 6 month RM 20.00
Account open more than 6 month No charge

SalamBiz-i accounts that are inactive within two (2) years from the last transaction date will become a dormant account.


Unclaimed Money (UM) within seven (7) years if there is any balance below the minimum limit will be donated to the Infaq Fund for charitable purposes as agreed in the Terms and Conditions. Meanwhile, any balance above the minimum limit is handed over to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money in accordance with the Procedure of the Unclaimed Money Act.