Credit Cooperative Financing


To finance the working capital of cooperative credit activities



Credit Cooperative Financing

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Up to 10 Years


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Financing Features

Credit Cooperative Financing
Sharia concept Tawarruq
Total Financing Limit RM 40,000,000.00
Financing Period Up to 10 years
Financing Period Margin Up To 90%
Eligibility & Erequirements
  • Operate for at least three (3) years
  • Strong financial standing and performance
  • Deed of Assignment on Biro Angkasa Deduction Code / Employer Salary Deduction Undertaking Letter
  • Sinking Fund / Fixed Deposit

*All the above Financing Schemes are offered through the Co-opbank Pertama Cooperative and Corporate Financing Department and are subject to the stipulated terms and conditions.
**Any changes or amendments are subject to the terms and conditions of Co-opbank Pertama from time to time.