Personal Financing-i Al Yaseer


Personal Financing-i Al Yaseer

Personal Financing-i Al – Yaseer is a financing based on the concept of Tawarruq. The maximum limit of this financing is RM400,000.00 with financing tenure of up to ten (10) years with the lowest profit rate


Personal Financing-i Al Yasser

Financing Until



Up to 10 Years

Up to 10 Years


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Profit Rate

Sektor Cara Bayaran Kadar Keuntungan %
Government, Statutory Bodies & GLC Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA)

1-3 Years : ECOF + 1.31%

4-10 Years : ECOF + 1.77%

Potongan Gaji Majikan (PGM)

1-3 Years  : ECOF + 1.31%

4-10 Years : ECOF + 1.77%

Swasta Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) Income > RM3,000.00:
1-10 Years : ECOF + 3.05%
Potongan Gaji Majikan (PGM) Income > RM3,000.00:
1-10 years : ECOF + 3.05%
PDC/SI/Lain-lain Income RM5,000.00 – RM10,000.00 : ECOF + 3.71%
Income > RM10,001.00 : ECOF + 3.38%

* PDC- Post Dated Cheque         *SI- Standing Instruction              * Lain-lain- Perbankan dalam talian


* Current ECoF is 4.00%.

*The rate above shows the profit rate with Takaful. For financing without Takaful, an additional 1% on the current Effective Profit Rate (KKE).

*Maximum Financing subject to the terms and conditions of Al - Yaseer products.


Malaysian Citizen, age 18 years old and above or until retirement age (whichever is earlier)

Public sector

  • Government Sector & Statutory Bodies &GLC

Private sector

  • Selected Private Sector & Potongan Gaji Majikan (PGM)

Minimum Income

  • Public Sector - RM 2,000.00
  • Private Sector - RM 5,000.00
  • Employee Potongan Gaji Majikan (PGM)- RM2,000.00*

*The minimum age for financing with Employer's Salary Deduction (PGM) is 21 years old with terms and conditions

Financing period up to 10 years or up to retirement age (whichever is earlier)

Guarantor / collateral is not required including staff with continued contract status (for Kemas & Unity Department staff only)

  • Subject to the Al–Yaseer Product Disclosure Sheet
  1. Copy of certified ID
  2. Certified copy of latest three (3) months salary statement
  3. EA / EPF Form (GLC / Private)
  4. Employment confirmation letter
  1. Copy of certified ID
  2. Certified copy of latest one (1) month salary statement
  3. Statement of Settlement
  1. Utility bills
  2. Latest three (3) months bank statement where salary is credited & verified
  3. Letter of ‘option’ end of service / retirement age

Note: Supporting documents can be submitted before the offer letter and financing agreement are signed. If the supporting documents cannot be submitted by the applicant, the amount of funding that has been approved must be adjusted based on the information that has been received.